Backup Cloud Services

Safeguard your Critical Data with Backup Cloud Services

  • Continued Protection
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Restore Data
  • Secured data

Our Backup Cloud Service

Backup your Devices

All of your devices, from laptops and PCs to tablets and mobile phones, are secured. Keep your mind at ease about device loss through hackers and viruses.

100% back up your DATA

With multilayer encryption, protect your data from theft and viruses. This results in 100% privacy for your data from prying hackers.

Data versioning

Edit and Save your data for unlimited time by our backup cloud services.

Easy Collaboration

Manage projects, keep track of file modifications, and communicate with your teams and clients by collaborating.

How do our services work?

Choosing the right partner is the first step toward a successful enterprise.


Our Backup cloud services help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals by concentrating on goals and the data safety is First Floor’s responsibility!


We assist you in selecting the best and most optimal plans for backup cloud services. Choose the best suited solution for your enterprise.

Quick Deployment

The first Floor ensures the quick deployment and immediate security plan as per your requirement.

Why Backup Cloud Services from First Floor?

First Floor is a  customer-centric firm and it is all about your satisfaction. Our entire business strategy revolves around your success.

Back-up your data with out Back-up Services

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