Cloud Services

We provide comprehensive cloud strategies and solutions that add long-term value to your enterprise.

  • Strategic Architecture
  • Integrating security
  • Meeting and matching your needs
  • Cost-effectiveness

Cloud Services, First Floor Gateway

First Floor Cloud Services are built with our clients and supplied on the platform that best matches their requirements. We are an end-to-end services provider that can help you address your issue and migrate your cloud services as per your requirements. With our experience, automation and proper planning we guide you though in and out of the cloud migration process.

Why service from us?

We provide a smooth movement of corporate apps and data to major cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP enterprise cloud solutions as part of our cloud infrastructure migration.

Key Benefits of Cloud Services

First Floor is a team of driven experts, who will ensure the satisfaction of the end-users.

Cost effective Services

First Floor Cloud services are competitive, and you may save a significant amount of money in your cloud by consulting with our cloud professionals to select the finest and most appropriate platform for business needs.                                                     

Disaster Recovery

Backup and logging services are critical because they keep you informed about what went wrong and which application or system was affected in the event of an outage. A backup can help you get back into the swing of things after an interruption.

Infrastructure Management

First Floor has a team of professionals that are always improving their technological knowledge in order to provide our clients with the best possible technical apps.

Increased Efficiency

With First Floor Cloud services, the operational efficiency is increased with better data utilisation and Management.                          

Team of Experts

Cloud consultation and migration are simple tasks for the specialists at First Floor, who have executed a lot of projects successfully.

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