API on Serverless Services

Develop More With LESS- Go Serverless With First Floor

Enable your infrastructure to 100% serverless with First Floor without losing the features your developers need for developing your Business apps.

  • Database of your choice
  • 100% serverless enablement
  • Innovation triggered
  • Customization assured
  • Authentication and authorization secured

Why APIs on Serverless?

Choose serverless for more flexibility, but choose First Floor for the best flexibility

Why First Floor for your Serverless API?

Create API 10X Faster

First Floor team enables you to develop your API on the fast forward basis for easy and fast deployment.

Better Performance

Your entire development environment will be working better and in a fast phase with First Floor API services.

More and more options

First Floor enables you to have more options for better deployment. You can choose our Cloud Based serverless, Microservice-based, or API based on live premises or even choose Hybrid.

Reduce Risk

Change your API to serverless without changing your architecture and reduce the risk.

Leverage the DevOps

First Floor can develop new features based on your architecture and you can leverage the option for more and more customisation.

Complete API Management

From creation, optimisation, maintenance and Governance First Floor will handle all your API services

Multi Tiered Security

First Floor ensures Robust functions and multi-layered security for better security. We ensure even controlling your user identity for enhanced security functionality.

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