Back End Development​

If the front-end is the body of your application, then the back-end is the brain. The back-end is the nerve centre of an application that controls what happens on the server.

It is the uniting force that frequently sends and receives inputs through the front-end and converts data on the web page while assuring that everything is in harmony.

First Floor has a flow of enabling your back-end functions to be in harmony with your front-end technology.

First Floor Powered Back-End Development

The First Floor is a comprehensive software and back-end development company with a proven testimony of distinguished projects. Our back-end development team delivers feature-packed and secure solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

Our Back-End Services

Website Backend Development

We provide website back-end development, from creating web architecture from scratch to reengineering the existing one. Our back-end development is powered by expert developers, making it a smooth one. Our re-building of your existing solutions makes sure that your front end stays intact without any interruption. 

Web / Application Backend Development

First Floor provides back end development for both Android, iOS and web based BI and Data visualisation applications.Out back end developers make sure that the app works flawlessly and allows integrating all the functionality smoothly. 

Cloud Migration

We help you migrate your back-end systems to advanced cloud systems to enable your business to meet the new technological needs of modern clients.

API development and integration

Our development team creates powerful web services and integrates them into existing applications by utilising a wide range of sophisticated technologies and best development techniques.

Why Back-end Development from First Floor?

First Floor is a full fledged software company with help rendered in all cycles of software development. From front-end to back-end and testing we have completed many projects for our clients. We have completed around 50+ Back end development projects successfully with high credibility.

To point out the expertise of First Floor in back-end development, let us interpret it individually.

Backend is the backbone of your website

Trust us! We got you!