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Why Hire from First Floor ?

Cost effectiveness

Hire senior to junior designers of excellent grades at a fraction of the cost. Hire UI/UX designers, and graphic designers as per your requirement.

Designers with High Expertise

During our interview, we assess your designer’s competence in a variety of areas. Our interview procedure weeds out the unworthy prospects, leaving you with just the best.

Effective Synergy

With our timesheet monitoring and virtual daily updates, First Floor’s Workspace provides you better visibility into your remote designer’s work.

Easy management

First Floor designers are easily manageable through our real-time communication system. First Floor Designers are online to attend to your queries.

Bridge the time zone gap

Our designers work in your time zone and overlap at least 4 hours with your workday. Any time zone, we mix and match to work at your convenience.

Continuous Support

Our designers are on spree to help you with your concerns. You get constant support to have a smooth design process.

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First Floor and other Service Providers

Here are a few reasons why we stand out!

First Floor
In-house Developer
Expert Consultation
Business and Growth Model Analysis
Pricing Model
Flexible, Choose hourly, monthly or project wise
Fixed hourly
Domain Expert
Quality of Work
Effective and transparent
Project Ready
Timely delivery
No guarantee

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